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Here’s a list of books authored by Mukalele Rogers currently on market. Every year the books are updated basing on new developments in ICT and new trends  at UNEB and changes in the syllabi.

1. Computer Studies for Uganda

Price: 35,000/=

  • Based on O Level NCDC Computer Studies Syllabus topic by topic. Complete notes on all the twelve chapters in the syllabus.
  • Comprehensive coverage on new topics including: programming (program design with pseudo code and flow charts, using both C and Visual Basic programming languages). Updated notes on Web design, trends in computing, applications and computer networks.
  • Has theory class notes, practical procedures and activities, a glossary and answers to chapter exercises at the end of the book.

2. Lab Activities for Computer Practical Applications

Price: 25,000/=

  • Consists of over 200 practical examination-type activities arranged systematically for every practical topic on the O level and A level syllabi.
  • Special chapter on usage of support files at A level.
  • 20 sets of standard examinations have been added in the latest edition, including UNEB and MOCK past papers. Support files for all questions have been uploaded on the portal and direct download links are included in the book.

3. ICT Revision Questions and Answers  for Uganda

Price: 10,000/=

  • This book has been compiled to help A level candidates as they prepare for their examinations. The book contains over 500 Past Examination Questions and Answers compiled from marking guides of past papers.
  • The UACE Subsidiary ICT Syllabus outline, together with the question allocation per topic has been included to further guide the candidates on the topics to read.
  • Teachers can also make use of this book as a question bank for assessing their candidates. New revised editions of this book will be released periodically with new questions and answers for various examinations as they become available.

4. Subsidiary ICT for Uganda

Price: 35,000/=

  • Based on A Level NCDC Subsidiary ICT Syllabus topic by topic.
  • Has comprehensive teaching notes for both theory and practical topics arranged and partitioned on a term by term basis.
  • Has revision questions and practice exercises at the end of the chapters.
  • Has a handy glossary of ICT terminologies at the end of the book.

***Special Discounts*** can be made for bulk / wholesale purchase arrangements


About the Author

THE AUTHOR of these books has taught ICT and computer studies since 2009, in schools like Rock High School Tororo, Jinja College and Kololo SSS. He emerged  as the  best graduate in science based disciplines  during the 67th Graduation of Makerere University, having obtained a CGPA of 4.91 in Bachelor of Information Technology. He is currently pursuing his masters in computer science.

How to Order

You can contact the following people directly to place your orders:


  1. Kwagala Bookshop next to Bank of Baroda, Kampala Road, Kampala.
  2. Bible World Bookshop, Maria Galeria Building, Behind Cairo Bank, Kampala.
  3. Aristoc Booklex, Kampala Road.
  4. Adit Bookshop, Kabale Highway – Mbarara.

NB: More partners are being considered countrywide, bookshops to be added to this list countrywide.

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