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Mr. Mukalele Rogers, a Teacher at Kololo Senior Secondary School, Kampala, guiding Students using computers in a computer Lab. Digital Education is on the rise in Uganda


I am a Ugandan male, aged 30, who was honored to be featured on the Makerere University 67th Graduation Vice Chancellor’s list as the best performing student in the science based disciplines, having obtained a CGPA of 4.91 in Bachelor of Information Technology.  Prior to joining Makerere University, I was a practicing secondary school teacher and trainer of Computer Studies, ICT and Mathematics in a number of schools and institutions. I also published two books entitled, ‘Computer Studies for Uganda’ and ‘Lab Activities for Computer Practical Applications’, which are still currently being used by thousands of teachers and students in schools across the country.

My first formal job was at Jinja College where I worked as a computer laboratory  attendant.  This position laid a strong foundation for me in the field of ICT. I was responsible for maintaining a neat and functional school computer lab, handling hardware and software installations, troubleshooting and configuring computer systems and networks, managing students during laboratory access time, and enforcing Computer Laboratory rules and regulations. The laboratory had over 100 computers networked by a LAN consisting of both wired and wireless devices.

I am currently working as a web developer, programmer and trainer/mentor at ITPlus Solutions Limited, where I joined as an Intern. I  have undertaken a number of projects involving web based data visualizations powered by JavaScript Libraries like D3.js, dc.js, and Crossfilter.  I am a mapper who has been contributing to Open Street Maps since 2015 and I worked as an OpenStreetMap surveyor, using OpenMapKit, GPS units, JOSM and ODK android apps for data collection. I am conversant with the process of structuring, developing and maintaining complex databases, having practically worked on projects requiring the use of Microsoft Access, MySQL, NoSQL and Microsoft SQL Server technologies.


I am an experienced blogger who has maintained a personal blog since 2012, and I also possess Technical Social Media Marketing Skills. I have thousands of followers online, most of which are my former students and colleagues. While at University, I held a number of leadership positions such as the position of the Chairperson for the Information Technology Students Association and the position of Campus Minister for Information and Computer Technology. In my final year, I undertook the Sharebility Uganda project, whose main objective is to encourage the culture of sharing and receiving open digital educational resources to promote education in Uganda. Please see my curriculum vitae (CV) on the about page for these and more details.