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Joint Website for Uganda ICT Teachers Now Online

This week I have been working on the website for Uganda ICT Teachers Association (UITA) which I volunteered to develop free of charge. The general design is now ready  and the website is publically accessible at, although still under development (some page content is to be added/edited in the coming days and new posts added).

Some of the features on the UITA website are:

✅A navigation structure with links to key sections on the website, including a quick links menu to a number of resourceful systems.

✅A slideshow on the home page with featured information such as vital notices.

✅A blog section which any members who register and are validated can utilise by publishing articles, research work and resources.

✅A page dedicated to quick resource sharing (upload and download) only visible to logged in members.

✅An ecommerce shop where any members can list their items available for sale such as premium e-resources.

✅An events management system which will keep track of events for ICT teachers throughout the year.

✅Social media (Facebook and Twitter pages) have been created and integrated such that they website automatically posts to social media whenever any member adds something new to the website blog.

✅ The website is mobile responsive, so check out both mobile and desktop versions.

✅A search facility for quickly locating any needed content on the website.

✅A member directory having a listing of profiles for ICT teachers registered on the website.


About  Uganda ICT Teachers Association (UITA)

The Uganda ICT Teachers Association (UITA) is not yet established, but discussions about it have been taking place since last year.

UITA is being formed as a forum for devising solutions to a number of problems such as the low levels of ICT literacy in Uganda, the high demand for ICT skills as a major requirement for employment, the unequal access to basic ICT training resources, the need to reduce the digital divide in the country and the various challenges being faced by teachers of Computer Studies and ICT in Ugandan schools.

Through UITA, the ICT teachers will put efforts and minds together to support each other to
innovatively improve their methods of work, thereby promoting ICT education and increasing computer literacy in Uganda. This shall be done do through coordinated discussion platforms, the UITA website, workshops, seminars, events, national ICT competitions, debates, regular meetings, member guidance and counselling, resource sharing, projects and financial contributions.

ICT Teachers in a practical session during a retooling workshop in Sept 2017




Uganda ICT teachers countrywide are therefore requested to:

✳Register on the website so that their accounts are created. The website administrators will have to first verify that they are valid ICT teachers before their accounts are given rights to use all features on the website.

✳Members who wish to be part of the pioneer working executive should fill in a form on The Executive Committee page under About US.

✳On the website, you can setup your profile by clicking on the settings button ⚙ on the right of the profile cover page and also uploading a custom profile photo. After logging in, you will also find a link under the members area menu where you can click to access the back end where you can make blog posts, add your digital / physical products for sale, and upload resources to the resources page.

✳Let’s join hands in developing a wonderful website we shall be proud of by adding quality posts, editing content on pages and giving feedback for improvement.

Whats to be discussed about UITA during the next ICT refresher worshop.

Members are encouraged to attend the forthcoming ICT Refresher workshop at Kololo SS on heroes’ day organised by MTInfo-Tech, in which we shall have a session to quickly review the draft constitution and establish a steering committee which will be tasked with finalising with the constitution and organising UITA elections for the pioneer executive. We shall also have a brief overview on WordPress basics: how to publish content and manage the website. Apart from UITA issues, other items on the agenda for the ICT Refresher workshop are indicated on the Invitation letter [PDF]. Up-to-date 2018 editions of all my books will also be on display together with a variety of books by other authors who will be free and ready to sell.

More updates and any developments will be communicated in due course. Please subscribe on the website using the subscribe form in the footer order to receive emails automatically whenever new posts are published on the website.


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