Here’s Yet another ICT Teachers Retooling Workshop

  Photo: Teachers in a practical session during the 2014 ICT Retooling workshop at Kololo Senior Secondary School. Teachers’ ICT Retooling Workshops are a series of 5-day residential training workshops supported by Uganda Communications Commission and coordinated my Uganda Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Sports intended to equip teachers with the skills and knowledge to effectively teach ICT in their schools. Background: The introduction of Information Communication Technology for advanced level students suffered a setback especially in rural secondary schools because of lack of qualified instructors and computers. To solve the problem of shortage of computers, the Ministry of Education Read More


Photo Caption: Mr. Mukalele Rogers, an ICT Teacher at Kololo Senior Secondary School, Kampala, guiding Students using computers in a computer Lab in July 2017. Digital Education is on the rise in Ugandan Schools. Ugandan Educational digital resource sharing and E-learning systems on the rise Educational digital resource sharing and e-learning is emerging as a viable means to improve the quality of education in Uganda. The digital divide in Uganda is reducing, because many schools across the country have acquired ICTs and this has given rise to great demand for digital resources (such as PowerPoint presentations) to aid the teaching Read More

Makerere Introduces new BIST program.

Makerere University has introduced a new program which is going to replace two programs Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) and Bachelor of Information Systems (BIS), starting this academic year 2017/2018. The new program, dubbed Bachelor of Information Systems and Technology (BIST) is being introduced at a time BIS and BIT programs are being phased out at the University. BIT and BIS programs have been having very many cross cutting course units (over 80%) and the new BIST program combines the core course units which were originally under Information Systems and Information Technology. 25 Government Sponsorship BIST slots up for grabs Read More


NB: Compete Reports on all subjects can be downloaded from the UNEB website at Download PDFS UACE-2016 UNEB-REPORT-ON-WORK-OF-CANDIDATES.pdf UCE-2016 UNEB-REPORT-ON-WORK-OF-CANDIDATES.pdf  840/1  COMPUTER STUDIES Introduction:  The paper consists of three sections; A, B and C. Section A contains 20 compulsory Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) drawn from the whole syllabus. Section B contains 6 compulsory structured questions drawn from the whole syllabus. Section C contains 3 theoretical practical questions drawn from the topics; Elementary Computer Programming, Trends in Computing, System Start-Up and Configuration, Computer Communication and Networking and Computer Hardware. The candidate answers only one question. The level of difficulty of Read More