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Makerere Innovation Centre, Kampala Uganda


You can follow Mukalele Rogers via his platforms below to keep updated about the latest developments and affairs concerning this website project and a lot more info in the world of Information Technology:

[1] Mukalele’s boards pinned on Pinterest.
[2] Mukalele’s presentations uploaded on to Slide Share.
[3] Mukalele’s Web blog with information and articles shared with the public.
[4] Connect with Mukalele on Facebook.
[5] Connect with Mukalele on Twitter.
[6] See Mukalele’s professional profile on LinkedIn.
[7] Join Mukalele’s Circles on Google Plus.
[8] Watch Mukalele’s videos uploaded on YouTube.
[9] Mukalele’s Research connections for Makerere University.
[10] Mukalele’s project Sharebility, the new educational digital resource sharing system.

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