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Details about my book, COMPUTER STUDIES for Uganda – Fourth Edition 2016 by Mukalele Rogers etal

Computer Studies for Uganda cover page.

Book Title:

COMPUTER STUDIES for Uganda – Fourth Edition 2016


Mukalele Rogers, Nakayinda Hanifah
Revised by Tumusiime Silbert



‘Computer Studies for Uganda’ is a textbook primarily based on Uganda Secondary School O’ Level Computer Studies Syllabus 840 by NCDC, supplemented with S850 Subsidiary ICT topics so that it caters for that level as well. It covers both Theory and Practical topics for both levels.

In this book, we have arranged all content in an easy to read mode to enable students read ahead, there are a number of activity based exercises, Multiple Choice Questions, essay questions, and practical exercises to enable our students be possessed with enough activity to do. Teachers will find this book very helpful, especially those with big classes in terms of dividing theory and practical lesson time appropriately.


The key features of this book include:

• A writing style, language level and page design that are truly accessible for all students.
• An Activity—centered approach to learning that helps students apply theory to real life situations and reinforces knowledge and that facilitates flexibility in teaching and learning.
• A list of computer studies acronyms at the beginning of the book.
• A Glossary of ICT Terminologies at the end of the book.
• An Index feature, referencing key jargons, designed to help students to easily find and understand ICT Terminology.
• Multiple Choice (Objective Questions) and Answers to provide exam practice and help students assess their progress.

• Examination-type questions at the end of every chapter to guide the learners during revision and preparation for Theory and Practical (840/1 and 840/2) continuous and summative assessment.

• The materials are arranged systematically (Unit by Unit according to the NCDC syllabus) and offer some new insights into teaching and learning Computer Studies.
• Any learner who is stranded for want of a teacher can still learn the necessary skills. This book is therefore designed to prepare learners to excel.


About the Authors

THE AUTHORS of this book are experienced teachers of Computer Studies, who have dealt with students during hands-on class room and practical laboratory sessions for many years. They have therefore designed this book to specifically address the challenges that hinder teaching and learning computer studies.


ISBN: 9789970916504

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