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#WordCampKLA 2018: My sessions on Jetpack and Google AMP and how to get started with Free Domains and Hosting

At this year’s Wordcamp  Kampala conference which is underway at Hive Colab in Kamwokya, Kampala, I have had sessions on Jetpack and Google AMP. I am also going to have a session with ICT Teachers on how and why they can easily get started on creating thier websites and also how they can utilise their joint website collaboratively.

About The Jetpack Session


What happens when the people behind, get together to make a WordPress plugin? You get Jetpack.

With millions of active installations, Jetpack is designed to be an all-rounder plugin for people using WordPress, regardless of their expertise. Think of it as an all-in-one plugin, with features ranging from SEO, Speed, Security to several must-have widgets for every wordpress site and many more. In this session, shall share how we can get the best out of the Marvelous Jetpack!

Download the session presention Files attached below:

About The Google AMP Session


Website speed matters. How often have you hit the back button yourself on your mobile phone because you were waiting… and waiting…. and waiting for a website to load?
With mobile searches outnumbering desktop searches in 2018, it is no wonder Google has intensified the AMP project. In this session, we shall take a look at what AMP exactly is, why you may want it for your WordPress website, how to set up AMP on your WordPress site, and how to check to make sure AMP is implemented properly.

Download the session presention Files attached below:

Session with ICT Teachers

Web design is one of the topics on the O level Computer Studies Curriculum, but many of the teachers teach it theoretically, while others only end at creating basic static webpages, and cannot even support their schools in creating dynamic school websites or keeping them updated, which is why many of the schools just hire external companies to create websites for them, yet such a task would conveniently and cost effectively be handled by the school’s ICT staff internally.

The ICT teachers were specially invited  to  attend this 3-day wordcamp conference in order to be empowered through:

  • Getting exposed to the latest trends and best practices in website development.
  • Sharing tips on leveraging on the power of the WordPress software to create stunning easy-to-update websites and completely customising them in various ways.
  • Accessing great opportunities to get started with their own or their school’s websites free of charge, courtesy of the various conference sponsors.
  • Attending a special hands-on session for ICT teachers focusing on how to utilise to the joint website, for the benefit of themselves and their learners.
  • Inspirational and resourceful presentations by experts and tech companies, such as how the MTN mobile money payments are integrated in ecommerce sites plus a lot more like Google AMP, SEO, Security, Optimisation, Debugging, Gutenberg,

Wordcamp center4webpresence offer: Getting Started with freenom domains and free plan hosting

To many, installing WordPress locally on a computer seems complicated due to things like setting up a localhost (e.g  wamp server) and setting up databases. Also, using WordPress when it is hosted on an online server which is accessible on the world wide web through a domain name gives a richer experience with more functionalities, as compared to using WordPress installed on an offline localhost, where many functionalises (like SSL and Emails) will not be working.

This offer is for those who wish to start practicing on the concepts of their own custom domains, cPanel hosting, SSL, domains and learn how to develop their WordPress websites directly online.

About the Free Domains Names

Freenom is a domain registrar with both free and premium domains for 12 years now. With the free domain model, partner countries canoffer their local internet population the tools to get online quickly and at nocost. This proven and innovative model dramatically encourages the creation oflocal content and stimulates the registrar. The free domains include .cf, .ga,.ml, .tk and .gq. Below are details about these free domains. Click on linksbelow for more details about each of the domains.

Dot CF is an initiative of the Societe Centrafricaine de Telecommunications (SOCATEL) in Bangui, Central African Republic.

Dot TK is a joint venture of the Government of Tokelau, a country in the South Pacific, the countries communication company Teletok and BV Dot TK, a privately held company. The Government of Tokelau has appointed BV Dot TK as the exclusive registration entity.

Point ML is an initiative of the Agence des Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication (AGETIC) in Bamako, Mali.

Dot GA’s mission is to provide reliable, easy and free domain name registrations in the state of Georgia.

.GQ is an automatic platform offered to the usersof the .GQ domain by the Guinea Ecuatorial de Telecomunicaciones SociedadAnonima (GETESA) in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.


I have created this tutorial in a hurry but I will publish a refined version of the tutorial on the web later.

NB: You can download the tutorial PDF from (2MB)

Follow up on more updates Happening at the WordCamp

You can follow the twitter hashtag #WordCampKLA for pics and highlights of the ongoing camp. More updates will be shared  later at the end of the conference.

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