My Session on Child Themes at #WordCampKampala

Day Two of #WordCampKampala has started really well. We have had some ‘Bazungu’ sharing with us inspirational stories about blogging and online presence. Participants have also shared thier experiences.

UP NEXT: My Session on Child themes.

In brief:

When trying to make changes to a website, such as copyright information in the footer, a many people opt to edit their ‘parent’ themes directly. This creates a number of problems.
The biggest disadvantage is that any modifications made to the theme in this way will be lost once the theme is updated. As a consequence, users either won’t be able to keep their theme up to date (which is bad for security) or will find all of their customizations gone when they do.

A much better idea is to use a child theme. This allows you to make any number of changes to a website without touching any of the original theme files.
In this session at WordCamp Kampala 2017,  we take a detailed look at what WordPress child themes are, how to create them and how to use them to customize WordPress websites — the right way.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD MY Child Themes Presentation


UPDATE: Photo Gallery and How to Join the Kampala  WordPress Community

Some of my key moments during the recent #WordCampKampala. The WordCamp Kampala was so energetic during the two day event bringing together the most self taught wordpress enthusiasts, tech lovers, influencers, bloggers and wordpress users in Kampala all in one place at Outbox​ Hub.

Read details on how it went down at:




Join the WordCamp Kampala Meetup group to keep in touch with upcoming events and preparations for the next WordCamp. You can also join the Kampala WordPress community’s Whatsapp Group through THIS LINK.

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