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For as low as UGX 150K, Let me register, host and design your website

Many people think that owning and maintaining a website is very expensive. That’s why many companies, institutions and prominent individuals (including ICT professionals) still don’t have official web presence.

A business owner asked three website developers to submit a proposal to design her company website. She supplied the developers with the same “requirements document” that listed the website’s goals and functions. A week later each of the three web developers came back to the client with their estimates.

The first one had priced the project at UGX 200,000, the second had priced it at UGX 450,000 and the final web developer estimated the project at UGX 1,200,000!

Believe it or not, we often hear stories like this. Unfortunately, most people have no way of knowing which bids are unrealistically low, which are outrageously inflated and which are in the right ballpark.

Basic-Business Informational Website Components and Costs:

This website is the most common type of small-business website. It usually has under 20 pages. The types of content areas you will typically see on these sites are; Home, About, Team, Mission/Vision, Services, Press, Testimonials, Blog, News, Photo Gallery/ Slide Show, Contact. The website is focused on promoting the brand, marketing businesses services, and providing information.

On average, if all you need is a basic website, the following figures can be applied to estimating the cost of a small business website:

  • Domain Name – 40,000 per year.
  • Hosting – 60,000 a year or more (depending on size, traffic and hosting services)
  • Web Planning, Design and Development Time – minimum 50,000, if there are no advanced  requirements /  features, and availability of content and images.
  • Continued Website Maintenance – (negotiable depending on number/type of updates required). If it is a CMS based website, the owner of the website should actually be in position to easily make updates on the website by himself/herself free of charge.

Important Factors that Contribute to Website Cost

When preparing to budget web design costs, be sure to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this a brand new site or a redesign of an existing site?
  • How prepared are you? Have you prepared a detailed content / information for the website?
  • Have graphics already been created and selected for the site?
  • Do you need multimedia elements (video, social media etc.) on the site?
  • Do you need other special features such as membership, SEO (search engine optimization) or ecommerce?
  • Who is going to maintain the site after it has been launched?

What I offer my clients

  • I usually do the following for  my web clients
  • Planning and organizing of content on the website
  • Configuring and setting up and installing website software/ scripts
  • Free Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate for using HTTPS protocol
  • Monitoring and basic support
  • Free training on how to use and update the website.

Check out some of the projects I have worked on in the past listed here on my website:

To ORDER, visit our CENTER4WEBPRESENCE( and search for a domain name of your choice, choose a hosting package and finally checkout to complete registering your order. I am the admin of this system, and I will see your order and process it. Immediately upon payment, your domain name will be activated and I will get in touch with you concerning website design or free setup and uploading your already designed website. The whole process  is usually completed within one week. Call / WhatsApp me on +256706060740 / +256776960740 for additional guidance.

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