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Join us Discuss Education in the Digital Era tomorrow during Ambitious Africa National Day – Uganda

Hello all,

A great list of panelists and opportunities await you tomorrow Thursday 4th June 2020 at the Ambitious Africa National Day – Uganda, with the agenda below:

The event will be held through a video conferencing platform known as DealRooms. All you have to do is register on the platform at Watch this video on how to join the session:

Triple-E: Education, Entrepreneurship, Entertainment

Ambitious Africa was born out of the realization that the Nordic core strengths of Education, Entrepreneurship and Entertainment could be harnessed for increasing global wellbeing and happiness. Ambitious Africa is all about young people. Young people leading the change. Young people working together for a better future. With the support of the African governments and the Nordics. Ambitious Africa is about the best Education. For all, not just a few. Ambitious Africa is delivering through Entrepreneurship. Ambitious Africa is about the best Entertainment.

Read more about Ambitious Africa at

I’ve been confirmed as one of the speakers during the panel session at 11:00 on Education in the Digital Era.

In addition to several Digital Pedagogy tools I recently blogged about at, I will be talking about the Sharebility Uganda project.

Sharebility Uganda ( is a public digital library with a pool of e-resources crowd-sourced from various teacher networks.

In response to school closure over the Coronavirus Pandemic, we have accelerated efforts to connect teachers and pool many resources to support home schooling in Uganda and beyond.

Many schools are sharing digital educational resources through social media and on eLearning sections of their websites, and we are sourcing and putting them into a centralised pool for wider access.

We believe that by pooling resources and taking advantage of each other’s expertise, learning providers can build adequate capacity, reduce redundancy in infrastructure and reduce costs.

The Sharebility Uganda project is promoting the spirit of sharing educational resources in schools. This helps because the time and cost that would have been incurred by an institution, to solely create all curriculum content, is shareable through collaboration.

This project is in line with international efforts like the Open Educational Resources (OERs) ( movement which connect networks of educationists to freely share resources for facilitating the human right to access high-quality education.

One of the teacher networks through which we source resources is the ICT Teachers Association of Uganda ( where I currently serve as national coordinator.

Dont miss the session tomorrow for more! Join us here.

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