Free websites to be built and hosted for NGOs during Website Weekend Kampala 2018

Free websites to be built and hosted for NGOs during Website Weekend Kampala 2018


April 6 - 08:00 am


April 7 - 06:00 pm


Design for Women Foundation Africa and HostJaja

Email: Phone: +256776690539 Website: Organizer's Website

Hostalite Cyber Academy - Bukoto

Kampala, Uganda

Website weekend Kampala is an event that will take place from 29th to 31st March 2018. It will bring together NGOs and web developers in Kampala to a charity web development forum where web developers will build free websites for NGOs in the city.

Website Weekend is a weekend-long hackathon that brings together teams of web professionals to build websites for nonprofit organizations. Sponsors make it all happen by providing web hosting and domain services as well as valuable tools that the teams can use. Sponsors also provide the space, and keep the teams going with food and snacks all weekend long.

Get involved as a volunteer

There are two general types of volunteers: those who are experienced web professionals and those who are not. Here’s a bit about each.

Web Professionals

There are many types of web professionals – project managers, front end developers, back end developers, designers, user experience experts, information architects, and others. We put together teams of folks with complimentary skills suited to each project. We encourage, but do not require, that the teams use WordPress to build the sites for their nonprofits, so developers with experience working with WordPress are especially helpful.

Teams work together collaboratively to create a website for their nonprofit organization. Team members used to working in an iterative, dynamic style are helpful as traditional waterfall project management doesn’t work with such a compressed timeline.

Everyone arrives at Website Weekend in the spirit of collaboration and cooperation, so teams have fun working with one another, getting to know some new folks, and producing work they can be proud of and that will do good in the local community for years to come.

Non-web professionals

If you don’t have experience coding or designing, no worries! You can still partipate in Website Weekend and your help is much needed and appreciated. You can help in the lead-up to the event by being on the organizing team and helping to work out all the logistics of making the event happen. You can also volunteer the weekend of the event to help get folks checked in, to pick up and set out meals and snacks, to keep the venue neat and tidy, to fold tshirts and stuff goody bags, and lots more.

To participate as a developer, Apply via this Form:

Get involved as a nonprofit

If you run or are involved with a nonprofit organization that is in need of a website, get in touch with the event organizers and submit your request!



Website Weekend was created by Natalie MacLees of Purple Pen Productions in 2013. The first Website Weekend was held in Los Angeles in October 2013 and 53 volunteers came together to build websites for 7 different nonprofit organizations.

Check out this website to get an insight about the first Website Weekend in Los Angels   for more background information, news, pics about this cause.

For further information visit the official website at or send an email to the organisers at or Call 0776690539

Follow this link  to join the Website Weekend Kampala Whatsapp Group for real-time updates.

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