About Mukalele Rogers

  • An IT expert with great experience and proven record in ICT Teaching, Web systems programming and development. A multi-skilled and proactive person that can handle most computer related practical tasks.

  • Strong analytical skills, highly motivated and hard working person with a high sense of duty, loyalty and integrity.

  • Extremely flexible person who easily adapts to the situations without compromising with principles and responsibilities; one that values consultation and transparency; respect for others; and a zealous believer in voluntarism.


My first formal job was at Jinja College where I worked as a computer laboratory attendant and later on as a computer studies teacher. This position laid a strong foundation for me in the field of ICT. I was responsible for maintaining a neat and functional school computer lab, handling hardware and software installations, troubleshooting and configuring computer systems and networks and enforcing Computer Laboratory rules and regulations. The laboratory had over 100 computers networked by a LAN consisting of both wired and wireless devices. I also published two books entitled, ‘Computer Studies for Uganda’ and ‘Lab Activities for Computer Practical Applications’, which are still currently being used by thousands of teachers and students in schools across the country.

I am currently working as a web developer, programmer and trainer/mentor at ITPlus Solutions Limited. I have undertaken a number of projects involving web based data visualizations powered by JavaScript Libraries. I am a mapper who has been contributing to Open Street Maps since 2015 and I worked as an OpenStreetMap surveyor, using OpenMapKit, GPS units, JOSM and ODK android apps for data collection.

While at University, I held a number of leadership positions such as the position of Campus Minister for Information and Computer Technology. In my final year, I undertook the popular Sharebility Uganda project – the educational digital resource sharing system for Uganda Schools. In February 2017, I emerged as the best performing graduate in science based disciplines during the Makerere University 67th Graduation, having obtained a CGPA of 4.91 in Bachelor of Information Technology.

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