Joint Website for Uganda ICT Teachers Now Online

This week I have been working on the website for Uganda ICT Teachers Association (UITA) which I volunteered to develop free of charge. The general design is now ready  and the website is publically accessible at, although still under development (some page content is to be added/edited in the coming days and new posts added). Some of the features on the UITA website are: ✅A navigation structure with links to key sections on the website, including a quick links menu to a number of resourceful systems. ✅A slideshow on the home page with featured information such as vital notices. Read More


Here’s a list of books authored by Mukalele Rogers currently on market. Every year the books are updated basing on new developments in ICT and new trends  at UNEB and changes in the syllabi. 1. Computer Studies for Uganda Price: 35,000/= Based on O Level NCDC Computer Studies Syllabus topic by topic. Complete notes on all the twelve chapters in the syllabus. Comprehensive coverage on new topics including: programming (program design with pseudo code and flow charts, using both C and Visual Basic programming languages). Updated notes on Web design, trends in computing, applications and computer networks. Has theory class Read More