Climax of 2019 ICT Teachers Capacity Development Workshops is this Thursday at Kings College Budo

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The ICT Teachers Association of Uganda has organized several workshops this year! The first was the 2019 national capacity development workshop which was held on 6th and 7th May 2019 at Kololo Senior Secondary School, Kampala, with a focus on skilling and tooling the ICT teachers to effectively manage and maintain the school computer laboratories and hands-on in new approaches for curriculum delivery of commonly challenging topics like programming and website design.

After the national workshop, 3 regional workshops were held in WesternUganda, at Kyebambe Girls School, Fortportal on 6th July 2019, in the Northern Uganda, at Dr. Obote College, Boroboro on 13th July 2019, and the recent one in Eastern Uganda at Busoga College Mwiri on 19th July 2019. The videos embedded below give the highlights of this year’s ITAU workshops so far:

What is to be covered during the Workshop at Kings College Budo?

This week’s workshop at Kings College Budo is the climax of all the ITAU workshops for this year. It is organised by the Central Region Executive Committee of the ICT Teachers Association of Uganda in Conjunction with Kings College Budo. The workshop is for one day (Thursday 12th September, 2019) from 8am-5pm.

This workshop comes at a time when UNEB Exams for our candidates are around the corner (starting next month). To aid the teachers do final the touches, we are making a master compilation of all the vital teaching resources including past papers and marking guides to be given out freely on DVD to the teachers during the workshop. Several examiners have also been invited to guide the teachers on how to prepare their candidates so that they dont make the mistakes pointed out in the 2018 UNEB Examiners report on work of candidates (RWC). One of the reasons why students fail practical exams is the computer laboratory setup. We shall have an experienced lab technician to give tips on best ways of setting up and networking a computer lab for UNEB exams. #ICT4E experts will also join us in furthering the Gospel of #DigitalPedagogy in Ugandan schools.

The workshop fee to cater for the arrangements, meals, facilities, facilitation, workshop materials and resources is UGX 30,000 if paid in advance through the coordinator on 0772111223/0752111223 or UGX 35,000 at the gate. Download Invitation letter with detailed program from the ITAU website,

Transport to Kings College Budo and nearby Accommodation

The Wonderful Gate of Kings College Budo.

As the long awaited ICT Teachers Capacity Development workshop at Kings College, Budo approaches, I wish to share with you how you can get to the venue. .

  • From Masaka – Mbarara side: Alight at the Budo Stage (Near Nabbingo). Get a Boda Boda at between 1K and 3K depending on your negotiation skills up to the school gate.
  • From Entebbe: Alight from Kibuye Round About, get a taxi to Nsangi and ask to be dropped at Budo Stage. Kibuye to Budo stage is 2K. Boda from Budo stage to the Venue is between 1K and 3K depending on your negotiation skills up to the school gate.
  • From Eastern and Northern Uganda: Get to Kampala and go to the New Taxi Park. From the New taxi park, get taxis direct to Kings College, Budo at 3K.
  • Those who will use the Northern Bypass: Get to Busega Round About and thn ask for taxis to Nsangi. You will be charged 1500. Ask them to drop you at Budo Stage. From the stage, get a Boda to Kings College Budo at between 1K and 3K depending on your negotiation skills up to the school gate.
  • Those coming a day early: Decent accommodation in the areas of Kyengera, Nabbingo and Budo ranges between 10K and 30K. You may use the evening to interact with one of the facilitators at eZone School of computing in Nabbingo I will also be available to interact with the members who will come and sleep around Nabbingo area on the eve of the Budo Workshop.

About the Host School

Kings College Budo is located about 12km west of Kampala, in Nsangi subcounty wakiso district. It was founded in 1906 by the Church Missionary Society(CMS). It was founded on land donated by the Kabaka (King) of Buganda.

The original vision was to train sons of Kings and Chiefs, therefore it began as a boys school. In 1934, girls were admitted as well, thus became co-educational. It is now a government aided A- Level mixed Boarding school under Church of Uganda ( Anglican ) of Namirembe Diocese. The current population is 1619 with ⅓ (one third) being female. Kings College Budo is one of the early adopters of usage of ICT in education in Uganda. According to a 2009 survey, the teachers reported that ICT has had a big impact on their lesson planning processes because they use internet to update their teaching content; prepare Power Point slides in preparation for teaching and that availability of internet at school makes their preparation much easier because students are referred to certain websites to do research and read ahead of the lesson. The school website, , is also very resourceful.

Dont miss this amazing workshop, ICT Teachers, Computer Lab technicians and all other educationists passionate about technology, lets all be there!

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