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#WordCampKLA 2018: My sessions on Jetpack and Google AMP and how to get started with Free Domains and Hosting

At this year’s Wordcamp  Kampala conference which is underway at Hive Colab in Kamwokya, Kampala, I have had sessions on Jetpack and Google AMP. I am also going to have a session with ICT Teachers on how and why they can easily get started on creating thier websites and also how they can utilise their joint website collaboratively.

About The Jetpack Session


What happens when the people behind, get together to make a WordPress plugin? You get Jetpack.

With millions of active installations, Jetpack is designed to be an all-rounder plugin for people using WordPress, regardless of their expertise. Think of it as an all-in-one plugin, with features ranging from SEO, Speed, Security to several must-have widgets for every wordpress site and many more. In this session, shall share how we can get the best out of the Marvelous Jetpack!

Download the session presention Files attached below:

About The Google AMP Session


Website speed matters. How often have you hit the back button yourself on your mobile phone because you were waiting… and waiting…. and waiting for a website to load?
With mobile searches outnumbering desktop searches in 2018, it is no wonder Google has intensified the AMP project. In this session, we shall take a look at what AMP exactly is, why you may want it for your WordPress website, how to set up AMP on your WordPress site, and how to check to make sure AMP is implemented properly.

Download the session presention Files attached below:

Session with ICT Teachers

Web design is one of the topics on the O level Computer Studies Curriculum, but many of the teachers teach it theoretically, while others only end at creating basic static webpages, and cannot even support their schools in creating dynamic school websites or keeping them updated, which is why many of the schools just hire external companies to create websites for them, yet such a task would conveniently and cost effectively be handled by the school’s ICT staff internally.

The ICT teachers were specially invited  to  attend this 3-day wordcamp conference in order to be empowered through:

  • Getting exposed to the latest trends and best practices in website development.
  • Sharing tips on leveraging on the power of the WordPress software to create stunning easy-to-update websites and completely customising them in various ways.
  • Accessing great opportunities to get started with their own or their school’s websites free of charge, courtesy of the various conference sponsors.
  • Attending a special hands-on session for ICT teachers focusing on how to utilise to the joint website, for the benefit of themselves and their learners.
  • Inspirational and resourceful presentations by experts and tech companies, such as how the MTN mobile money payments are integrated in ecommerce sites plus a lot more like Google AMP, SEO, Security, Optimisation, Debugging, Gutenberg,

Wordcamp center4webpresence offer: Getting Started with freenom domains and free plan hosting

To many, installing WordPress locally on a computer seems complicated due to things like setting up a localhost (e.g  wamp server) and setting up databases. Also, using WordPress when it is hosted on an online server which is accessible on the world wide web through a domain name gives a richer experience with more functionalities, as compared to using WordPress installed on an offline localhost, where many functionalises (like SSL and Emails) will not be working.

This offer is for those who wish to start practicing on the concepts of their own custom domains, cPanel hosting, SSL, domains and learn how to develop their WordPress websites directly online.

About the Free Domains Names

Freenom is a domain registrar with both free and premium domains for 12 years now. With the free domain model, partner countries canoffer their local internet population the tools to get online quickly and at nocost. This proven and innovative model dramatically encourages the creation oflocal content and stimulates the registrar. The free domains include .cf, .ga,.ml, .tk and .gq. Below are details about these free domains. Click on linksbelow for more details about each of the domains.

Dot CF is an initiative of the Societe Centrafricaine de Telecommunications (SOCATEL) in Bangui, Central African Republic.

Dot TK is a joint venture of the Government of Tokelau, a country in the South Pacific, the countries communication company Teletok and BV Dot TK, a privately held company. The Government of Tokelau has appointed BV Dot TK as the exclusive registration entity.

Point ML is an initiative of the Agence des Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication (AGETIC) in Bamako, Mali.

Dot GA’s mission is to provide reliable, easy and free domain name registrations in the state of Georgia.

.GQ is an automatic platform offered to the usersof the .GQ domain by the Guinea Ecuatorial de Telecomunicaciones SociedadAnonima (GETESA) in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.


I have created this tutorial in a hurry but I will publish a refined version of the tutorial on the web later.

NB: You can download the tutorial PDF from (2MB)

Follow up on more updates Happening at the WordCamp

You can follow the twitter hashtag #WordCampKLA for pics and highlights of the ongoing camp. More updates will be shared  later at the end of the conference.

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40%OFF Discount On 1-Year Hosting this June at!!

These days I spend most of my time working on web hosting, domain name registration and web design  at ITPlus Solutions Limited. This June we  just acquired a new additional server at, and are currently running a promotion till end of June 2018!!

Get a 40% discount by using the promo code 40%OFF when placing your order for 1 year. For example, our cheapest package of Lite hosting which usually costs UGX 60,000/= per year has been slashed to only UGX 36,000/= Owning your own website has never been so cheap and simple!! This still comes with a lot of additional freebies like SSL and custom email. You get access to an easy to use cPanel and client area which you can use to conviniently manage your website and the domain.

Here is a summary of our web hosting packages:

Package Monthly Subscription Annual Subscription
Lite Hosting 200MB UGX 5,000/mo Normally 60,000/yr

UGX 36,000/yr

Simple Hosting 300MB UGX 6,000/mo Normally 72000/yr

UGX 43,200/yr

Prime Hosting 500MB UGX 7,000/mo Normally 84000/yr

UGX 50,400/yr

Basic Hosting 1GB UGX 10,000/mo Normally 120000/yr

UGX 72,000/yr

Standard Hosting 2GB UGX 14,000/mo Normally 168,000/yr

UGX 100,800/yr

Pro Hosting 3GB UGX 16,000/mo Normally 192000/yr

UGX 115,200/yr

Corporate Hosting 5GB


UGX 18,000/mo Normally 216000/yr

UGX 129,600/yr

Reseller Hosting 10GB with WHM Access UGX 40,000/mo Normally 480000/yr

UGX 288,000/yr

Super Hosting 5GB with SSH Access and Java Hosting UGX 20,000/mo
+UGX 20,000 one-time Setup fee.
Normally 240,000/yr

UGX 144,000/yr

+UGX 20,000 one-time Setup fee



  • x10 Bandwidth (Ten Times the Disk space)
  • Free SSL certificate (For additional HTTPS Security)
  • Free Custom Emails
  • FREE Account Setup
  • FREE Search Engine Optimization
  • Latest simple to use Control Panel
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • 20 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • FREE Online Site Builder
  • Lots of FREE Responsive Website Templates
  • UNLIMITED Sub-domains
  • UNLIMITED FTP Accounts
  • UNLIMITED MySQL Databases
  • FREE 1-Click CMS Script Installer
  • FREE DNS Management addon
  • FREE Email Forwarding
  • Free installation of all popular CMS systems (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc).

You can place your order through self service using the shopping cart on our system, or you can simple call or whatsapp me directly on 0776960740 / 0706060740 and I will be glad to offer dedicated support at no extra cost. You can make the payments through paypal for automated orders, or by simply sending mobile money.

New Reseller and Super Hosting Packages

We now offer reseller hosting with WHM access and Super hosting with Java support and SSH access. The reseller package gives you 10GB on our server which you can use to sub host as many websites as possible. We give you access to the Web Host Manager (WHM) software which you can use to easily create separate cpanel accounts for your client websites, right from your domain. The Super hosting plan enables you to fully manage your server with SSH access which you can use to run direct terminal commands and install any software on the linux based server. The Java Virtual Machine is already installed for you in case you intend to deploy a java based web application.

Domain Name Registration

To host a website, you need to register its domain name first, because it is the domain name you will use to locate your website on the internet. We have a wide variety of Top Level Domains (TLDs) to choose from. You can use our website to check the availability of your desired domain and get recommendations. Below is a listing of some of the TLDs we offer.

  • .com at UGX 45,000/=
  • .net at UGX 48,000/=
  • .org at UGX 50,000/=
  • .info at UGX 45,000/=
  • .work at UGX 15,000/=
  • .rocks at UGX 25,000/=
  • .business at UGX 33,000/=
  • .social  at UGX 48,000/=
  • .family at UGX 75,000/=
  • .social at UGX 48,000/=
  • .pics at UGX 69,000/=
  • .wedding at UGX 93,500/=
  • .church at UGX 88,500/=
  • .network at UGX 65,500/=
  • .computer at UGX 93,500/=
  • .company at UGX 33,000/=
  • .guru at UGX 93,500/=
  • .club at UGX 44,500/=
  • .school at UGX 94,000/=
  • .care  at UGX 93,500/=
  • All .ug domains at UGX 130,000/=

Web Design

Over the last year, I have worked on over 50 websites, some of which are listed here. Web design is now more of a hobby for me as I can accomplish a basic website within one day if the client provides all the necessary information like.

  • Company Profile (or company description)
  • Logo
  • Contacts
  • Some Photos
  • Social media accounts, etc.

For a basic website, I usually use WordPress CMS (which I also use to manage this website).

The starting cost for a basic website is UGX 200,000. I also ensure that the website is well configured and optimised to appear in Google Search results.


In conclusion, I encourage you friends who dont have web presence yet to consider this offer and have your website up! Did you realise that with a minimun of only UGX 51,000 you can actually get online for a year (if you choose the cheapest hosting package and the cheapest doman listed above)? In case of more inquiries, please dont hesitate to leave a comment below or send me a message via your social media platform of choice! Here is a related article. A Summarised Flier is also attached below.

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UNEB releases Subsidiary ICT Support Files 2017, grants public download

Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) has released this year’s Support Files for Subsidiary ICT practical papers S850/2 and S850/3, and for the first time, uploaded them to their publically accessible resource portal, where anyone can download without need for logging in to the system.

This is going to be the second time support files are to be used during Subsidiary ICT Practical examinations since thier introduction in 2016. The concept of ICT examination Support Files is new Uganda, but has been used before by international examination bodies like Cambridge IGCSE.

What are Support Files?

Support Files’ are specimen files that are provided to students in softcopy for use during the computer practical examinations. The support files may include named word documents, spreadsheet files, text files, image files, etc., and are usually referred to in the question paper by their file names and file extensions. A candidate may be requested to open or load a given file from the support files folder and do certain tasks with it such as save as, copy and paste, format, insert table, image etc. All the candidates are supposed to do is to ensure that they can locate the required support file and follow the instructions on the question paper.

How did UNEB avail support files last year?

Last year, the support files were restricted –   downloading them was only accessible by school administrators and after logging in to the UNEB eReg schools web portal, whose login credentials are officially sent to registered center head masters. However, many schools don’t have examination centers and so they could not get the login credentials. Additionally, some center headmasters lost the passwords while others found difficultly in logging in to their schools portals due to computer literacy challenges. Many ICT Teachers and Computer Laboratory attendants found challenges accessing the support files in time, yet they are meant to get the support files 1 week to the examination date, in order to distribute them on to the candidates desktops as per the UNEB Guidelines.

The other challenge faced by the teachers was the format in which the support files were provided. The support files were downloadable as .rar archive which can can not open on windows operating system without installing a third party archive software such as WinRAR. To solve this challenge, this year UNEB has simply zipped the files into .zip archives which can be opened easily on Windows even without need for installing additional software.

What are the UNEB Guidelines for Usage of Support Files?

According to a 27th June 2016 UNEB Circular on Usage of Support Files, the following were stated as the guidelines:

  • Support Files shall be uploaded on the UNEB portal one week before the practical examination.
  • The uploaded files shall be in a folder that reflects the current year e.g. “UNEB Support Files 2016”
  • The schools should download the files on a CD and test them to find out if they are running and opening.
  • The computers in the laboratory should be checked and cleaned.
  • The computer teachers should then put the Support Files on the Computer Desktops in the Computer Laboratory.
  • Candidates should not access the laboratory after the Support Files have been put on the Desktops until the time of the practical examination.
  • After each shift and before the next shift of the examination, the Computer teacher should be allowed in the laboratory to make sure each Desktop has only the original Support Files


Teachers warned against disclosing support files to candidates

During a recent ICT Teachers retooling workshop, teachers were warned against showing UNEB support files to their candidates before the exam. It was noted that some teachers even try to predict possible questions to be set basing on the support files. However, the teachers were made to realize that it is actually dangerous to ‘spot’ or ‘guess’ questions for the candidates. There is very little that someone can do with the support files alone without the actual question papers, different unpredictable questions can be asked on the same support files. Teachers are cautioned against giving hints to students on the support files to be used because this confuses the students the more. Some panicky students will for example do a task such as calculating the sum of numbers in a spreadsheet as predicted by their teacher even when there is no question on the question paper to that effect. Additionally, as per the UNEB guidelines, students should not have prior knowledge of the support files and a teacher who violates this guideline commits examination malpractice.

Downloading Support Files for this year

Paper Two and Paper Three 2017 Subsidiary ICT Examinations are going to be done on Thursday 30th November and Friday 1st December respectively as indicated on the 2017 UNEB 2017 examinations timetable . The support Files for use in the examination room can be downloaded from the public resources section of the UNEB eReg portal   [Direct Links: S850/2 Support Files 2017 and S850/3 Support Files 2017] or by logging in to the private schools portal here.

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For as low as UGX 150K, Let me register, host and design your website

Many people think that owning and maintaining a website is very expensive. That’s why many companies, institutions and prominent individuals (including ICT professionals) still don’t have official web presence.

A business owner asked three website developers to submit a proposal to design her company website. She supplied the developers with the same “requirements document” that listed the website’s goals and functions. A week later each of the three web developers came back to the client with their estimates.

The first one had priced the project at UGX 200,000, the second had priced it at UGX 450,000 and the final web developer estimated the project at UGX 1,200,000!

Believe it or not, we often hear stories like this. Unfortunately, most people have no way of knowing which bids are unrealistically low, which are outrageously inflated and which are in the right ballpark.

Basic-Business Informational Website Components and Costs:

This website is the most common type of small-business website. It usually has under 20 pages. The types of content areas you will typically see on these sites are; Home, About, Team, Mission/Vision, Services, Press, Testimonials, Blog, News, Photo Gallery/ Slide Show, Contact. The website is focused on promoting the brand, marketing businesses services, and providing information.

On average, if all you need is a basic website, the following figures can be applied to estimating the cost of a small business website:

  • Domain Name – 40,000 per year.
  • Hosting – 60,000 a year or more (depending on size, traffic and hosting services)
  • Web Planning, Design and Development Time – minimum 50,000, if there are no advanced  requirements /  features, and availability of content and images.
  • Continued Website Maintenance – (negotiable depending on number/type of updates required). If it is a CMS based website, the owner of the website should actually be in position to easily make updates on the website by himself/herself free of charge.

Important Factors that Contribute to Website Cost

When preparing to budget web design costs, be sure to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this a brand new site or a redesign of an existing site?
  • How prepared are you? Have you prepared a detailed content / information for the website?
  • Have graphics already been created and selected for the site?
  • Do you need multimedia elements (video, social media etc.) on the site?
  • Do you need other special features such as membership, SEO (search engine optimization) or ecommerce?
  • Who is going to maintain the site after it has been launched?

What I offer my clients

  • I usually do the following for  my web clients
  • Planning and organizing of content on the website
  • Configuring and setting up and installing website software/ scripts
  • Free Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate for using HTTPS protocol
  • Monitoring and basic support
  • Free training on how to use and update the website.

Check out some of the projects I have worked on in the past listed here on my website:

To ORDER, visit our CENTER4WEBPRESENCE( and search for a domain name of your choice, choose a hosting package and finally checkout to complete registering your order. I am the admin of this system, and I will see your order and process it. Immediately upon payment, your domain name will be activated and I will get in touch with you concerning website design or free setup and uploading your already designed website. The whole process  is usually completed within one week. Call / WhatsApp me on +256706060740 / +256776960740 for additional guidance.

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Sharebility is BACK and BIGGER!

For exactly  20 hours, we sadly experienced downtime at Sharebility Uganda. The system at was not accessible because the bandwidth originally allocated to the system was exceeded due to high a volume of downloads.

Increasing cost of maintaining Sharebility

Of recent, we have been experiencing a high volume of traffic for downloading files from sharebility. On average, over totaling to over 300 Mbs are downloaded daily, that is why the bandwidth was depleted.

Sharebility is becoming more expensive to host because of the increasing resource needs (including hosting server disk storage space and data transfer bandwidth ). Because of this, I have introduced some income generation features such as google adverts for sustainability of the system.

Savior on the Block

Our system partners, Jubilee Web Host, have given us an unbelievable offer in the spirit of sharebility. The have now offered us five (5) times as much space and bandwidth at no cost! We now have 5GB disk space and 50GB bandwidth to pool, store and share our digital educational resources.

Other New Developments

We have also integrated email notifications automatically sent out to users when they register or upload resources to sharebility. Search engine optimization has also been extensively done and most of the traffic coming to sharebility originates from Google search.

Why Uganda should continue embracing Sharebility

Educational resource sharing is emerging as a viable means to improve the quality of education. By pooling resources and taking advantage of each others expertise, learning providers can build adequate capacity, reduce redundancy in infrastructure and reduce costs.

The design of a distributed heterogeneous educational resource sharing platform can realize the inter-connection, inter-communication and sharing, reduce the cost of educational resources and speed up the process of access to resources for teaching and learning.

Consequently, the time and cost that would have been incurred by an institution is sharable amongst the partners through a give-and-take commitment. This is the reason why several countries have adopted the norm of being part of educational networks and associations.

Sharebility is a system that is designed to enhance the traditional educational approaches since it can overcome many of the challenges involved in reaching underserved teachers and students in Uganda. Lets embrace the spirit of Sharebility by promoting the culture of sharing and receiving open digital educational resources to promote education in Uganda.

Follow us to keep updated

You can follow the #sharebility updates on Twitter and Facebook pages using the @SharebilityUg handle.