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40%OFF Discount On 1-Year Hosting this June at!!

These days I spend most of my time working on web hosting, domain name registration and web design  at ITPlus Solutions Limited. This June we  just acquired a new additional server at, and are currently running a promotion till end of June 2018!!

Get a 40% discount by using the promo code 40%OFF when placing your order for 1 year. For example, our cheapest package of Lite hosting which usually costs UGX 60,000/= per year has been slashed to only UGX 36,000/= Owning your own website has never been so cheap and simple!! This still comes with a lot of additional freebies like SSL and custom email. You get access to an easy to use cPanel and client area which you can use to conviniently manage your website and the domain.

Here is a summary of our web hosting packages:

Package Monthly Subscription Annual Subscription
Lite Hosting 200MB UGX 5,000/mo Normally 60,000/yr

UGX 36,000/yr

Simple Hosting 300MB UGX 6,000/mo Normally 72000/yr

UGX 43,200/yr

Prime Hosting 500MB UGX 7,000/mo Normally 84000/yr

UGX 50,400/yr

Basic Hosting 1GB UGX 10,000/mo Normally 120000/yr

UGX 72,000/yr

Standard Hosting 2GB UGX 14,000/mo Normally 168,000/yr

UGX 100,800/yr

Pro Hosting 3GB UGX 16,000/mo Normally 192000/yr

UGX 115,200/yr

Corporate Hosting 5GB


UGX 18,000/mo Normally 216000/yr

UGX 129,600/yr

Reseller Hosting 10GB with WHM Access UGX 40,000/mo Normally 480000/yr

UGX 288,000/yr

Super Hosting 5GB with SSH Access and Java Hosting UGX 20,000/mo
+UGX 20,000 one-time Setup fee.
Normally 240,000/yr

UGX 144,000/yr

+UGX 20,000 one-time Setup fee



  • x10 Bandwidth (Ten Times the Disk space)
  • Free SSL certificate (For additional HTTPS Security)
  • Free Custom Emails
  • FREE Account Setup
  • FREE Search Engine Optimization
  • Latest simple to use Control Panel
  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • 20 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • FREE Online Site Builder
  • Lots of FREE Responsive Website Templates
  • UNLIMITED Sub-domains
  • UNLIMITED FTP Accounts
  • UNLIMITED MySQL Databases
  • FREE 1-Click CMS Script Installer
  • FREE DNS Management addon
  • FREE Email Forwarding
  • Free installation of all popular CMS systems (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc).

You can place your order through self service using the shopping cart on our system, or you can simple call or whatsapp me directly on 0776960740 / 0706060740 and I will be glad to offer dedicated support at no extra cost. You can make the payments through paypal for automated orders, or by simply sending mobile money.

New Reseller and Super Hosting Packages

We now offer reseller hosting with WHM access and Super hosting with Java support and SSH access. The reseller package gives you 10GB on our server which you can use to sub host as many websites as possible. We give you access to the Web Host Manager (WHM) software which you can use to easily create separate cpanel accounts for your client websites, right from your domain. The Super hosting plan enables you to fully manage your server with SSH access which you can use to run direct terminal commands and install any software on the linux based server. The Java Virtual Machine is already installed for you in case you intend to deploy a java based web application.

Domain Name Registration

To host a website, you need to register its domain name first, because it is the domain name you will use to locate your website on the internet. We have a wide variety of Top Level Domains (TLDs) to choose from. You can use our website to check the availability of your desired domain and get recommendations. Below is a listing of some of the TLDs we offer.

  • .com at UGX 45,000/=
  • .net at UGX 48,000/=
  • .org at UGX 50,000/=
  • .info at UGX 45,000/=
  • .work at UGX 15,000/=
  • .rocks at UGX 25,000/=
  • .business at UGX 33,000/=
  • .social  at UGX 48,000/=
  • .family at UGX 75,000/=
  • .social at UGX 48,000/=
  • .pics at UGX 69,000/=
  • .wedding at UGX 93,500/=
  • .church at UGX 88,500/=
  • .network at UGX 65,500/=
  • .computer at UGX 93,500/=
  • .company at UGX 33,000/=
  • .guru at UGX 93,500/=
  • .club at UGX 44,500/=
  • .school at UGX 94,000/=
  • .care  at UGX 93,500/=
  • All .ug domains at UGX 130,000/=

Web Design

Over the last year, I have worked on over 50 websites, some of which are listed here. Web design is now more of a hobby for me as I can accomplish a basic website within one day if the client provides all the necessary information like.

  • Company Profile (or company description)
  • Logo
  • Contacts
  • Some Photos
  • Social media accounts, etc.

For a basic website, I usually use WordPress CMS (which I also use to manage this website).

The starting cost for a basic website is UGX 200,000. I also ensure that the website is well configured and optimised to appear in Google Search results.


In conclusion, I encourage you friends who dont have web presence yet to consider this offer and have your website up! Did you realise that with a minimun of only UGX 51,000 you can actually get online for a year (if you choose the cheapest hosting package and the cheapest doman listed above)? In case of more inquiries, please dont hesitate to leave a comment below or send me a message via your social media platform of choice! Here is a related article. A Summarised Flier is also attached below.

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